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Helping You Deal With Ecological Issues

Being an independent consultancy offering an efficient and cost effective service, we often get approached by home owners who have had their planning application held up through a request for further information from the Local Planning Authority.

In most cases this will be so the LPA can be satisfied, with a reasonable degree of confidence, that no bat roosts will be obstructed / destroyed by the proposed extension or demolition and new build.

This is not the only issue however, and depending on the scale of the proposals, impacts to reptiles may also occur where suitable linked habitat in a garden would be lost.


When information is requested in relation to roosting bats we deploy an experienced and Natural England licensed bat surveyor to investigate your property assessing its potential to support bats or note any evidence of bat presence (i.e. droppings).

Features on homes bats commonly use include;

  • Broken or loose roofing tiles
  • Hanging tiles
  • Gaps into the soffit or fascia
  • Weather boarding

If suitable features have been identified or droppings found, then further survey work is usually required to establish the presence or likely absence of a bat roost. The level of survey effort will depend on the particular site, however to satisfy the Local Planning Authority we must work within the recommendations of the Bat Conservation Trusts Good Practice Survey Guidelines 2nd Edition (2012).