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Managing Habitats for Biodiversity

Where larger developments are taking place, the Local Planning Authority may require a detailed management plan for the site, outlining the overall biodiversity objectives and how and when these will be met. With our in depth knowledge of habitats and the specialist requirements of protected species, we can provide you with a detailed and achievable management plan. The objectives will be clear and concise and with our comprehensive survey information input, we'll ensure targets are met.

Habitat Creation

The creation of habitats is becoming an increasingly important aspect of new developments where habitats are lost or there is an opportunity to restore a habitat which has become defunct. By creating a positive impact on a sites biodiversity developments are looked upon more favourably by planning authorities and help to achieve the targets set out within local and national planning policy.

We have many years experience in creating and restoration of;

  • Wetland habitats including ponds as part of Great Crested Newt mitigation strategies
  • Ditch and pond habitats for Water Vole
  • Restoration of grassland and fen sites
  • Woodland coppicing & management
  • Hedge planting and laying
  • Restoration of grassland and fen sites

On-going Monitoring

If required Ecosupport can provide personnel to conduct an on-going monitoring programme. We always ensure there is the integrity in our work that you would expect of scientific research and use this information to feed back into the management plan, amending targets and practices accordingly ensuring the long term objectives are met