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Our experience on various projects

Ecosupport has worked on a wide range of projects over the years covering a variety of disciplines and scales. Below are some recent project highlights we've worked on.

These projects, from the small to large scale, have helped us to develop a varied range of expertise and experience which we can draw upon as and when new projects and potential issues arise.

Case Studies

Residential Development with 106 dwellings

Surveys: Phase I, Reptiles, Great Crested Newts, Bats (Emergence & Activity), Dormice

The proposed housing development was surveyed for ecology and a population of adders and slow worms was found on site. The reptiles were translocated off site and subsequently tracked by radio-telemetry.

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Maternity Colony of Long-eared Bats in Single Home

Surveys: Phase I, Bats (Emergence)

The proposed plan was for demolition of a single house and construction of a replacement. Following Phase I and Phase II bat surveys, a maternity colony of Brown Long-eared Bats were found and mitigation/compensation completed.

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Vegetation Clearance for Rail Electrification

Surveys: Phase I, Bats (Emergence) & On-going Supervision

Vegetation is being cleared along the rail lines throughout many areas of England for electrification of the rails. We are supervising clearance works alongside tree surgeons from Coombes UK.

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Coastal Development of 6 Luxury Homes, Pontoon & Nature Reserve

Surveys: Phase I, NVC, Birds, Reptiles, Eelgrass

A coastal development site adjacent designated areas required intensive mitigation to ensure no adverse impacts on wintering birds and coastal habitat with the creation and restoration of a local nature reserve on site.

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Artificial Badger Sett

Surveys: Phase I, NVC, Bats, Reptiles, Great Crested Newts, Badgers

An artificial badger sett was constructed as part of a residential development to translocate badgers to a better location and the site was enhanced for wildlife.

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