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Reliable advice, responsive and efficient in satisfying ecological planning requirements

When ecological issues and conditions are raised, these can delay and increase project costs particularly if they have not been taken into account from the initial conception of a project. We can provide initial assessments at the conceptual stage of any project and advise on likely restrictions of survey and timing requirements which can be costly either in delays and/or further costs which were initially not considered at the start of a project. We endeavour to assist with all ecological issues with the minimum of cost and are experienced in liaising with planning departments and Natural England on many different aspects of development considerations including protected species and designated conservation areas.

All Local Planning Authorities are bound by consideration of guidelines, legislation and policy. Ecosupport are experienced with the management of these requirements and will react from initial instruction promptly to provide an effective, efficient service and satisfactory outcome with your project. 

Common Protected Species Surveys on Small Development Sites