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Impartial & Reliable Ecological Information

Since Ecosupport was first established, we have built an increasing client base of developers drawn to us through our highly professional approach and reputation of achieving consents with cost effective efficiency. Whether this is in support of the expansion of utilities, a small housing development, or a large scale development (500+ new housing units), the information we provide is reliable and conducted to the highest professional standards.

For many developments ecological issues, particularly impacts to Protected Species, can be a major constraint to development. However, with ecosupport's expertise and advice these issues can be overcome and your project can remain on track.

We see a project through its entirety and can plan and implement a full scheme of survey works. As protected species are a material consideration in the planning process all potential issues for these species will need to be resolved prior to application being submitted. We make our clients fully aware of the scale of works involved and the timeframe for completion. We then deliver the works on time and within the agreed budget.

Our Philosophy

We appreciate that at the initial stage of an application, developers seek to minimise risk and expenditure on a site and so we will often recommend an Initial Ecological Appraisal. This highlights what ecological issues may arise on site should a full application be submitted and the likely costs involved. If the application proceeds, our expert knowledge of species, habitats, legislation and planning policy ensures that our reports are comprehensive and the recommendations robust and fit into the clients vision for the site.

This in turn reduces the chance of ecology being an issue on site facilitating the applications progress through planning. 

Ecological Management Plan

On larger development sites, the LPA may ask for an ecological management plan for the site, which details the plans to mitigate for and enhance biodiversity on the site. We can facilitate this process in creating a management plan, completing all required ecological surveys, mitigation and enhancements and ensuring all ecology needs are smoothly completed.

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