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Assessing the Site

When undertaking project works and/or submitting a planning application, the local planning authority often requires an ecological assessment to determine to what extent the habitat and wildlife will be affected by works on site. Ecosupport can ensure the most timely and pragmatic ecological solution for your specific project, whether an individual homeowner or large scale development.

There are different types of ecological assessments, based on the needs of each particular project. The most common types of assessments are below, which will inform whether further steps are required. If you're not sure which is the best option for your site, contact us to speak with one of our knowledgable and experienced ecologists.

Preliminary Ecological Assessment

Most often, a Preliminary Ecological Assessment or Phase I survey is undertaken first to identify any ecological issues that may require further examination, including Protected Species Surveys that may be required. This assessment may be carried out at any time of year.

Ecological Impact Assessment

An Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is one aspect of a full Environmental Impact Assessment, to evaluate the likely effects of a development project. An EcIA is required for some projects, including significant infrastructure projects or housing developments with over 1000 houses. Speak to one of our senior ecologists is you think you may require one.

Habitat Regulations Assessment

The authorities may request a Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA), which is an evaluation of the impacts of a project against European-level designated sites (Special Protection Areas, Special Areas of Conservation and RAMSAR sites). Ecosupport can ensure the project meets requirements and produce an HRA for the local council.

NVC Vegetation Survey

A National Vegetation Classification assessment may be undertaken on sites where a greater level of detail is required on habitats and species present to add to the Phase I Survey. Similarly a full hedgerow assessment on site may be completed to assess the quality and species of hedgerows.


BREEAM is a sustainability standard for new constructions including for housing developments and non-domestic buildings. Ecosupport can provide a site assessment and complete the form for the ecology category of BREEAM.