Achieving BREEAM Status

Ecosupport can provide specialised ecological input to your BREEAM reports. Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is an international scheme that provides certification of a sustainability assessment of individual buildings, communities and infrastructure projects.

Ecosupport can provide a Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE) to assist with the Land Use and Ecology section of BREEAM guidelines. BREEAM New Construction certification was updated in 2018 and the land use and ecology portion was re-written for most up-to-date guidance.

Assessment Criteria

There are five sections assessed for Land Use and Ecology:

  1. Site selection (2 credits)
  2. Identifying and understanding the risks and opportunities for the project (max 2 credits – assessment route dependent)
  3. Managing negative impacts on ecology (max 3 credits – assessment route dependent)
  4. Change and enhancement of ecological value (max 4 credits – assessment route dependent)
  5. Long term ecology management and maintenance (max 2 credits – assessment route dependent)

Completing the Ecology Assessment

The SQE will undertake the initial site walkover, species identification and provide ecological advice to ensure projects move forward in line with BREEAM accreditation. We then complete the preform to allow the assessment of the whole project by the qualified and licensed BREEAM Assessor. This ensures the project meets the quality and performance standards of the scheme.

Our Experience

Our team has worked with BREEAM for several years using the old 2014 guidance and is equipped and knowledgable to complete the 2018 in a timely and professional manner to achieve BREEAM status. If you have any questions about getting BREEAM certification on your project, please speak to us about the process.