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Classifying Habitats and Vegetation

In some cases it may be appropriate to conduct a more detailed vegetation survey, classifying habitats on a smaller spatial scale and to a greater level of detail. This is done to the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) system, which is the core British standard. Similarly on sites where hedgerows are present Hedgerow Assessments are undertaken to establish the type, quality and importance of the hedgerows on site.

The information gathered will then be used to inform the report for submission to the relevant planning authority. Details of any recommendations for further surveys and mitigation measures will be included. Ecosupport have competent botanists and can carry out both NVC surveys and Hedgerow Assessments to the highest possible standard.

Speak to us about whether you need an NVC or Hedgerow Assessment

NVC Vegetation Survey

The NVC method classifies the full suite of vascular, bryophyte and macro-lichen species within a vegetation type. There are 12 major types of vegetation, which is then subdivided into 286 community groups. The habitat communities on site are coded and mapped out. Any communities of biological interest are identified.

Hedgerow Assessment

Hedgerows are of great importance to conservation within the UK and a hedgerow assessment may be required to assess what works are required. A hedgerow assessment will establish the distribution, type, condition and importance of the hedgerows on site.

Our Experience

Ecosupport has a history of completing accurate surveys to inform ecological assessments for planning applications. We can classify the habitats down to NVC level to identify any important species or habitats on site. Speak to one of our experienced ecologists to discuss your site with them.