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Managing Habitats for Biodiversity

With our in-depth knowledge of habitats and the specialist requirements of protected species, we can provide you with a detailed and achievable management plan. The objectives will be clear and concise and with our comprehensive survey information input, we'll ensure targets are met.

Our team can see you through the project from start to finish, from the creation of a suitable management strategy, to site management and enhancement and ongoing monitoring after project completion. We are there with you every step of the way for smooth and efficient project completion.


On large residential developments, a Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANGS) may be required to provide green space to divert new residents from putting recreational pressure on existing parks and designated sites. A SANGS also provides opportunities to mitigate and compensate for impacted ecology on site as well as enhance the site for wildlife to use in future. Ecosupport can provide expert insight in designing and constructing a SANGS and stakeholder negotiation with Natural England and the local authority.

Site Management and Enhancement

Ecosupport has an experienced land management team available to carry out any habitat creation or ecological enhancement works that may be required as part of the management plan. Our team can quickly and pragmatically undertake the work properly to meet planning conditions and under supervision of a suitably qualified ecologist if needed.

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On-going Monitoring

If required Ecosupport can provide personnel to conduct an on-going monitoring programme. We always ensure there is the integrity in our work that you would expect of scientific research and use this information to feed back into the management plan, amending targets and practices accordingly ensuring the long term objectives are met.