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Moving Your Project Forward

If fully protected species are identified on your site and will be adversely impacted upon, a European Protected Species licence will be required from Natural England. We have 100% success rate in obtaining an EPS Licence for our clients.

An EPS Licence is necessary for impacts to species and groups that are regularly found on development sites including:

  • Bats
  • Dormice
  • Great Crested Newts
  • Smooth Snakes & Sand Lizards
  • Natterjack Toads

In order to obtain a licence, Natural England must be satisfied that the development, mitigation and compensation scheme proposed meets the 'three tests' of the Habitats Regulations (2017). Ecosupport can design pragmatic mitigation and compensation strategies which are achievable on the ground to obtain the required licences and move your project forward.

Badger Licences

Similarly, if a badger sett must be closed for site development, a licence must be obtained from Natural England to ensure the site adheres to the Badger Protection Act (1992) and mitigates any impacts to badgers in the process.

This can often be a intimidating process for clients however we'll ensure that we keep you up to date with all developments and use our expert knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation to obtain your licence and move your project forward.